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We accelerate the growth of transformational companies

Omega Venture Partners is a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley that brings unparalleled domain knowledge, relationships, and company development expertise to transformational companies. We strive to be the partner of choice for rapidly growing and consequential companies that can benefit society-at-large and help maximize human potential through technology.


Focusing on fast-growing, early-growth stage companies that have demonstrated traction and product-market fit

Thematic FOCUS

Investing in startups using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI) to solve high-value business problems


Making meaningful strategic connections with key domain experts, influencers, and operating leaders


Working closely with founding teams to optimize product roadmaps, business models, company building, and exit planning

Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence

We invest in Intelligent Software applications that leverage AI & ML

We invest in Intelligent Software applications that leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  We believe that the greatest value of AI is in the application layer – as Intelligent Software that brings breakthrough solutions to significant business problems and opens up vast revenue growth opportunities.

AI is a transformational capability that has reached an inflection point of commercial feasibility and technical viability. The biggest impact is made by companies that have figured out how to best use AI to solve specific, consequential problems across large, lucrative markets. We back high-growth companies innovating AI-enabled applications that sustainably and distinctively impact large end-markets.

AI is a capability.  Like any powerful new technology, how we use AI will determine how it impacts the world-at-large. We believe that AI has a profound and positive role to play in empowering people.

We subscribe to the thesis that most important applications of AI emerge through Augmentation – when people and machines work together to solve high-value problems and to open new revenue streams. Augmentation incorporates the automation of routine and repetitive tasks, which liberates people to focus on more meaningful work that requires uniquely human ingenuity, creativity, intuition, empathy, and judgment. But Augmentation is more than automation.  Augmentation harnesses intelligent software to make people orders of magnitude more productive, capable, and effective.  Augmentation is the “killer app” of the AI revolution.

Why Omega?


Omega focuses on investing in Intelligent Software applications that leverage Artificial Intelligence. That allows us to be the partner that best understands the new business models, market opportunities, and enablers impacting startups. We have a keen understanding of enterprise customer pain points, market dynamics, and go-to-market vectors.

Our focused enterprise relationships enable us to maintain a constant connection with senior executives, decision makers, and technology experts across industry, and to leverage those insights for the benefit of our portfolio companies.


We’re experienced investors, operators, and subject matter experts who understand what it takes to successfully finance and develop innovative and disruptive companies.

We’ve honed our judgment and pattern recognition over decades. With over 25 years of experience investing in winning companies, we know what world-class looks like.


At Omega, we champion curiosity, optimism, integrity, and disciplined conviction.

We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards and strive to be the best while maintaining an atmosphere of excellence, teamwork, fairness, originality, integrity, and collegiality. Our core values, along with our intensity and drive, contribute to our ability to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

The Omega Network

Our unique approach to investment

Omega’s unique approach combines a team of experienced investment professionals with the Omega Network—a bespoke network of advisors and enterprise customers that can help meaningfully accelerate a company’s trajectory. Through our unique Omega Network we offer startups unparalleled access to experts and enterprise decision makers.

We are a thematically focused fund, and we take an extended organizational approach to venture capital. We are continuously growing and refining our partner program to include new Corporate partners as well as Institutions and Family Offices that have industry-specific expertise and who are interested in how Artificial Intelligence is impacting their business.

The Omega Network includes operating leaders and experts from:

And Longstanding ties to entrepreneurs and thought leaders, including from:

Our Team

Omega is led by a world-class team that has generated over $40 Billion in IPO and M&A outcomes, and delivered a top-tier track record of technology investing. We possess over two decades of institutional technology investing experience, over twenty-five years of C-level operating experience, and world-renowned expertise across the Software and Information Technology sectors.

The Omega team possesses the credibility, access, expertise, and differentiated capabilities to uniquely help promising startups maximize their potential.



Note: Companies shown below represent investments made by Omega as well as the prior firms of the General Partners.


Note: Companies shown below represent investments made by Omega as well as the prior firms of the General Partners.


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At Omega, we know that when investing in Intelligent Software that leverages AI and ML, understanding the limitations of AI and Machine Intelligence is just as important as appreciating its capabilities. A decade ago, the state of the art in AI consisted of Expert Systems.  Engineers tried to create machine intelligence ...
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AI Regulation is Coming to a Town Near You

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Omega’s John Seely Brown Delivers Keynote at the Rochester Institute of Technology

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